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Quality Paraphrase Citation with Experts Online

Citing Paraphrase

Paper citations are one of the most difficult aspects of writing an essay, and if you are a student then you know how important this process can be. Citing a paraphrase is important because you need to do everything right, and there are consequences for not properly citing a source. Plagiarism is a growing concern for academic institutions, and if you don’t cite your sources properly you can get kicked out of school.

No one wants that, and if you don’t have time to properly do the paraphrase citation yourself you want a service or auto paraphrase tool that is willing to undertake the responsibility associated with this task. We know how much your education means, and that is why we don’t take shortcuts when we give you help.

professional paraphrase citation help

How to Cite after Paraphrasing? Here Are All the Answers

Citation is how you inform your audience that part of the material you use for your text is from another source. It is a shortened alphanumeric phrase entrenched in the body of a logical work that symbolizes an entry in biographic references segment paper for the purpose of giving credit to the significance of other people’s work and you can easily do it with the help of any rephrase sentence tool. It can be a published or unpublished source, but not the original source.

There are several purposes of citations including:

  • Avoiding plagiarism or upholding intellectual honesty
  • Attributing unoriginal or prior work and ideas to the right sources
  • Allowing readers to independently determine whether the reference material support the argument of the author in the claimed way
  • Helping the reader to measure the validity and strength of the material used by the author

However, bibliographies, as well as other list-like compilations of references, are normally not well thought-out to be citations as they don’t accomplish the true spirit of the term: a purposeful acknowledgment by other authors of the precedence of one’s ideas.

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Tips and Guidelines to Cite after Paraphrasing

  • Start with nothing in the bibliography segment of your research paper and build on it, based on the original parenthetical you referenced. This will guarantee that you have not declared any information that their sources haven’t been cited and there are no sources that have not been highlighted or listed.
  • Placing the last name of the author you use his source and the year when the information was published in the parenthesis immediately after the stated text, is another good way to cite after paraphrasing, For instance, “Abusing of drug reduced by 20% between 2007 and 2008 (Johnbull, 2008).” It is optional to use comma in the parenthesis.
  • Add the page number, where necessary directly after the colon, i.e. “(Johmbull, 2008: 45)”. What next is for you to ascertain that your bibliography contains the source listed as one of its references.
  • State the difference between sources published in the same year by the same author clearly. Do this by including lower case characters in chronological order. For instance, “(Johnbull, 1998b)” is an earlier publication than “(Johnbull, 1998c)”.

You will find the process of paraphrasing easier, once you figure out that it is all about wholly remaking sentences and paragraphs instead of switching out words and find the best paraphrasing tool. It is possible for you to write in fully formed sentences and do things faster rather than slowly going through each word. Without a doubt, this is a good starting point as far as your paraphrasing is concerned.

how to cite after paraphrasing

Tips for Paraphrasing

It is noteworthy that there is a discrepancy between paraphrasing a paragraph, sentence or page. You just have to maintain the same sequence of content, with a sentence as there is no new place to put it. However, you can move things around as you paraphrase and ensure they are structurally difference, whilst you are paraphrasing larger pieces of content.

Just picking synonyms for each word that need to be rewritten is the biggest error that people make most often when trying to paraphrase. This consumes a lot of time and not very convincing most often.


Reading through the content, understanding it very well concerning what it is communicating and looking for a way to totally retool it is the vital thing to remember when paraphrasing. Understand the basic idea being communicated and then put it in your own words. You have a much easier starting point when you do this and you can build on this foundation and come up with something promptly and competently.

You will find the process of paraphrasing easier, once you figure out that it is all about wholly remaking sentences and paragraphs instead of switching out words. It is possible for you to write in fully formed sentences and do things faster rather than slowly going through each word. Without a doubt, this is a good starting point as far as your paraphrasing is concerned.

Cite Paraphrase with Our Help

We paraphrase everything that our customers need help with, and so many people come back for further assistance because they know we offer high quality each and every time. Citing a paraphrase requires meticulous attention to detail, and that is something we apply to every customer’s order. We are the best because we take the time to make sure that your document is paraphrased the right way, and that is what separates us from the competition. Many services use an automatic translator so they can help you as fast as possible, but we are more concerned with making sure that you get a document you can be proud of.

proficient help citing a paraphrase

Paraphrase a Quote the Right Way

You want to make sure that you paraphrase without mistakes, because you don’t want to go before the dean and have to explain why you plagiarized! We know why this is such an important issue, and no service takes it more seriously than us. You know you are getting high quality when you come to our pros, and with our manual paraphrase citation we do what a computer program simply cannot accomplish.

Our professionals will paraphrase your quote by the time you need it, and we send it to our proofreading department to make sure that there are no mistakes. We are able to satisfy all your queries such as “paraphrase this paragraph for me urgently”. Every order comes with complementary editing because you deserve a high quality document for your money, and our professionals want to make sure that you get everything you need throughout this process. With our low prices there is no better way to get effective assistance with paraphrase citation!

Do you have papers that need to be reworded and paraphrased? Avail our help online now as we paraphrase citation with superior writing approach!