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Plagiarism Paraphrase: How to Cope with It

In a simple language, plagiarism is taking someone else’s idea, conversation, writing, or even song and claiming it to be your own. These are information from artworks, articles, interviews, email messages, TV shows, songs, books, web pages or any other medium. It is quite essential to point out the source of information in your paper, making use of internal citation, whenever you take sentences, phrases, words or summarize or paraphrase the work of another person. Or you can at least use free rewording machine.

It is not sufficient to only list the source in a bibliography at the end of your content. Failure to adequately give credit, acknowledge, cite or quote the ideas or words of another person with an internal citation is referred to as plagiarism. Plagiarism is concerned with getting of academic credit attained through false claims of authorship or the unearned increment to the reputation of the plagiarizing author. As a result, plagiarism is well thought-out to be an ethical crime against the audience of the plagiarist – teacher, listener or a reader for instance

On the other hand, plagiarism is well thought-out to be an ethical crime against any person who has offered the plagiarist with a gain in replacement for what is exclusively supposed to be original content – the plagiarist’s teacher, employer or publisher for example.

plagiarism paraphrase experts

Plagiarism in Journalism and Academia

Plagiarism by researchers, professors or students is termed academic fraud or academic dishonesty in academia and culprits are liable to academic punishment up to and including expulsion. Plagiarism detection software is used in some universities and institutions of higher learning to detect probable plagiarism and to discourage students from plagiarizing.

Moreover, plagiarism is considered to be a breach of journalistic principles in journalism, and reporters found guilty or caught plagiarizing will face disciplinary measures of suspension or termination of appointment, depending on the severity.


Researchers and Professors

Plagiarism is punished by sanctions varying from suspension to termination together with loss of supposed integrity and credibility in researchers and professors.

There are many pitfalls associated with plagiarism and it is important to find the balance between using someone else’s work to support your writing and avoiding overusing that work or using it inappropriately. However, if you follow the points outlined above, you should find that your writing conforms to the rules of plagiarism and gets you those all-important grades!

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the unlawful cheating, stealing and publishing of the expressions, ideas, thoughts and language of another author as well as presenting then as your own unique work.

Some Facts on Plagiarism

  • Students enthusiastically admit to plagiarism
  • Plagiarism is increasing at an alarming rate
  • Virtual knowledge is causing increased plagiarism
  • As far as the academic world is concerned, plagiarism no longer carries a stigma
  • Despite the fact that plagiarism is an infringement of academic code of conduct, it is not illegal.
  • In order to define plagiarism further, copyright act was altered
  • Lack of inspiration leads to plagiarism
  • Noble initiatives taken in order to keep plagiarism at bay

plagiarism facts

About Paraphrasing and Other Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Paraphrasing can be described as writing the ideas of another person in your own words. Why you paraphrase is because you don’t want to use quotes and copy text directly or don’t know how to properly use footnotes. With the aid of paraphrasing, you are capable of writing a text or article vociferously and take absolute control of the writing.

While it is very easy to uncover information for nearly all research papers, it is not always easy to incorporate that particular information into your paper without being a victim of plagiarism.

The good news is that there are ways to avoid plagiarism. Therefore, follow these simple steps while writing your research paper to make sure your document is free of plagiarism.

  • As long as you give credit or acknowledge the source, there is nothing wrong with using the work of another person.
  • Making use of the work of another person doesn’t merely mean copying it verbatim, but also means in substance, as a result, a paraphrase of the ideas concerned is not allowed unless the source is acknowledged
  • Using inventions, writing or ideas of the work of another person is the true definition of plagiarism not only words. Therefore, using these should be avoided
  • Quote the source to discover how you can avoid plagiarism as it is quite simple to uncover how unintentional plagiarism could happen from the points highlighted above.
example of paraphrasing

Image credit: Grammarly

Other things you can do to avoid plagiarism:

  • As you are writing your work, keep notes and make a note of your sources. This way you can keep away from accidental plagiarism by not correctly acknowledging the source.
  • Unless you quite the source, don’t copy material electronically
  • Try as much as possible to keep away from overusing direct quotations because plagiarism can happen if your assignment consists of mainly quotations
  • If the work of another person is too similar to the original work, avoid paraphrasing it. Merely replacing a few words here and there or just rearranging of sentences is not acceptable. Paraphrasing can exhibit your capability to reason critically and reveal that you understand the ideas in the original text when used correctly.

With this easy guide on how to cope with plagiarism paraphrase, you can now write a plagiarism free text.

paraphrase to avoid plagiarism guide

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