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What Is the Best Online Paraphrasing Tool?

Using an online paraphrasing tool is a great help when you need to reword text and create its new version. If you’re interested learning more about how to reword essay or any other paper and which tool to choose, see the following to learn what you can do with it as well as the best ones you can choose from and use.

online paraphrasing tool
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What Can You Do with a Paraphraser?

  • Eliminate plagiarism
  • Rephrase quotes
  • Reword repetition
  • Paraphrase a poem
  • Rewrite a web content
  • Summarize an article

Choose the Best Online Paraphrasing Tool

  1. Smart SEO Tools
  2. Ant Spinner
  3. Caligonia
  4. Paraphrasing Tool
  5. EZ Rewriter
  6. Free Article Spinner
  7. Article Rewriter Tool
  8. Plagiarisma
  9. Spin Bot
  10. Content Professor
  11. Word Flood
  12. Turbo Spinner

best paraphrasing exercises online

What Basic Principles to Bear in Mind for Effective Paraphrasing

  • Cite the author of the paper. In this case, you can state right away that those ideas are not originally yours. This will help in improving your credibility for your readers.
  • Do not only paraphrase, but also analyze. You don’t just paraphrase without reading and understanding the text you are paraphrasing. Do yourself a favor and make the task easier for you by ensuring that you know what you are writing about. In this case, you can also speed up the process and come up with the best-paraphrased version of the text.
  • Do not use all the details found in the original paper. You don’t need to come up with as long as the length of the page you are rewriting. Get the gist or the main idea stated and be sure that you understand it before rewriting.
  • Remember that you don’t need to change every word because doing so will just slow you down and won’t help you in rewriting. It will just confuse not only you but also your readers.
  • Proofread and edit your text before submission or publishing.

Do you both need a reliable paraphrase software and paraphrasing examples? Check out our website at ParaphraseTool.net and we will help you with good samples of rewriting, or you can also get help from us for proper paraphrasing.

Best Paraphrasing Exercises Online to Get Your Skills to a New Level

In a nutshell, paraphrasing is when you put another person’s ideas together, using your own words. It is a substitute to making use of direct questions and it is always an important element to add whenever you are writing longer summaries. Paraphrasing informs you about the writer’s prowess when it comes to language and you paraphrase for the reason that you don’t want to copy a text directly use a quote or use a rephrasing sentences online generator. What else, you can write a text or an article articulately and take greater control of the writing.

A paraphrase clarifies or explains the text you are paraphrasing and it is re-emphasizing the meaning of a passage by making use of different words entirely. For instance, “The car was allowed to pass because the signal was green”. A paraphrase is normally introduced with verbum dicendi— a declaratory phrase to indicate the change to the paraphrase.

tips for paraphrasing

Paraphrase characteristically serves to put the statement of the source into viewpoint or to elucidate the context in which it showed, and need not go with a direct quotation. The source should be included at the end of the sentence. For instance: When the traffic light was red, cars couldn’t go. Another important characteristic of paraphrasing is that it might try to protect the important meaning of the material being paraphrased.

How Useful Paraphrasing Can Be

Paraphrasing can be useful in many ways including those enumerated below:

  • It makes somebody to know that his message was clearly heard
  • Helps you to feel heard
  • It develops the sense of appropriate word choice of the learner and triggers vocabulary. As a learner therefore, you must reflect on connotations, recall other word forms and think of synonyms.
  • Paraphrasing teaches the same grammatical structures.
  • Improves grasp of English syntax of the learners by expecting them to play around with it
  • Paraphrasing increases the awareness of variation of the writer. Understanding how restructure a sentence can develop a composition by varying vocabulary, sentence structure and sentence length.
  • Paraphrasing is required when it comes to academic writing. Therefore, learners going to the university must be able to paraphrase quotes.
  • In view of the fact that meaning is paramount to communication, paraphrasing stresses that forms convey our meaning.

 Are you still struggling to learn how to paraphrase? What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about best paraphrasing exercises online to get your skills to a new level!

List of Paraphrasing Exercises with Descriptions

These paraphrasing exercises will teach you how to use synonyms to rewrite sentences. Here is one example:

More than 50 percent of the women who went to the one-day meeting were in business with their wives.

A number of the words are underlined. Make use of a dictionary to find synonyms for these underlined phrases or words and then rewrite the sentence with the new words and phrases.

Paraphrase exercises

Here are the exercises for this lesson

Around 30,000 students might be helped by the planned free lunch program.

The market for handy music players increased stridently, with the growth of flash memory cards

The team was successful, although the strategy of the coach was a bit dangerous,

Consequently, the result was a rise in student examination results.

paraphrasing example

Image credit: SummarizingParaphrasing.com

Furthermore, a strong hurricane is expected to hammer the coast over the next few days.

The expenses required to fight climate change will need changes to the budget of the federal government.

The engineer must determine the quantity of dynamite to use based on the volume of material to be removed from the tunnel.

Two of the students were barred for infringing the no fighting policy of the school.

Tips to Paraphrasing

As tricky as paraphrasing is, you must ensure you don’t copy the unique wording or style of the author. Paraphrases should be original and sound like you, making use of sentences structures and vocabulary that your reader would know as your work. Consider and jot down key points of the source, to ensure you are avoiding all types of plagiarism. After that, fashion your paraphrase without looking at the original. Compare your paraphrase with the original, when you are done.

Are you having problem paraphrasing a text effectively? Here are some tips for you:

  • Read the original as many times as possible to make sure you understand it
  • Jot all the key points down in a length of the text, ensuring you add all elements, including detailed ones like examples, statistics, and evidence.
  • With this list, write about the subject in detail, considering the information in the original text or document
  • Make use of reporting phrases and verbs to guarantee that appropriate acknowledgment is given.
  • Highlight uncommon terms in the original text with quotation marks
  • Place any phrase you use that is on the original quote in quotation marks
  • Include a citation because it is still the idea of somebody else, even though it is paraphrased.

Putting the ideas of an author into your own words is what paraphrasing is all about. It guarantees the quality of your paper, particularly when you explain such thought in your own words and writing style. It also helps in improving readability and flow. Unfortunately, people don’t know how to paraphrase very well or don’t put in the required effort, which results to reworking the content as it is not worthy of using at all.

professional paraphrasing practice

Rephrasing Help for Guaranteed 100% Consistent Text Flow

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